Wood Burning

Wood Burning & Multifuel

Environmentally friendly, burning wood in a stove produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as wood decomposing in the forest. In other words, choose a high efficiency stove, burn fuel sourced from sustainable managed woodlands and you are contributing to a cleaner environment.

Inexpensive, sustainable wood is generally a lot cheaper than the volatile fossil fuels of oil, coal or electricity especially if you can get a free source of wood from your garden or friendly joinery workshop!

Aesthetically attractive, your wood burner can become a stylish traditional or contemporary focal point to the room, allowing the seductive power of the dancing flame to enhance the overall comfort level of your home.

Self Sufficient?

In this uncertain world with potential power supply outages due to bad weather or even geo/political factors, security of your homes independent heat supply can be reassuring. At least in a power cut you and your family can stay warm and toast your muffins and boil a kettle to make a cup of tea!


A real flickering flame and glowing logs is always a delight just to sit and watch while you curl up on the sofa. The sweet smell of burning logs adds to the magnetic draw and hypnotic atmosphere of a wood burner.


Compared to an open fire a wood burner is vastly more efficient (up to 80%) projecting heat into the room not up the chimney and with less mess.


A wood burner is also safe as the firebox is completely enclosed (some are even double glazed) and can be left over night. Its  cast iron construction has immense strength and can provide excellent service for many years.

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